How to Make Camping More Fun

How Camping Helps Us

No matter your pain or ailment, what doctors always recommend is spending more time outside, surrounded by nature. We live such extraordinarily busy lives, brimming with deadlines and responsibilities, it is only normal that we get lost or carried away. We seldom have time to stop what we’re doing and be in tune with our soul’s needs and wants. If you think about it, our way of life has evolved and changed massively just in the last couple of decades. Our ancestors lived and thrived surrounded by nature and all it has to offer. They depended on the land around them, so they took care of it and respected it. Their world was quiet, free from car engines revving up or police sirens blaring out on the streets. The air that filled their lungs was crisp and fresh. Everything was simpler. Unfortunately, not many of us get to experience that luxury. It’s a constant go-go-go from the moment we wake up in the morning to the instance we go back to bed. From rushing to work in the morning to cooking, cleaning, and every other frivolous task that burdens our mind, we can be forgiven for wanting to spend our days off recharging and bracing ourselves to do it all over again. And again. And again. However, being stuck on the couch is rarely the antidote for all of the stress and pressure we feel. I won’t make them disappear, it only presents us with a temporary distraction. The only way to disconnect from the outside world and replenish our mental resources is to be in nature. Camping is one of the best outdoor activities for those of us looking to do exactly that. When we ditch screens and electronics in favour of bonfires and sleeping under the starlit sky, we get the chance to press the reset button on our mind’s worry machine. So, why don’t people go camping more often?

Making Camping Easier

Camping, despite its many benefits outlined above, can be a huge hassle for some of us. Packing everything and loading it into our cars, then driving up to the campsite can take multiple hours of our precious free time. Once you get to the camp, you’re faced with the critically demanding task of figuring out how your tent is meant to stay up using only the pegs and poles provided. Setting up a tent is oftentimes a two-person job, and it eats away at the time you could be spending relaxing or exploring your surroundings. If you’re not overly excited about the prospect of spending your weekend fiddling with complicated assembly instructions, you can opt for a blow up tent instead. In contrast to old-school tents, inflatable ones essentially cut the set up time by more than half. All you have to do is press a button on the pump and the tent immediately gets filled with air. If you are someone who would like to go camping more often and take in all the wonders mother nature has to offer us, I highly recommend investing in an inflatable tent. Why make camping more difficult than it has to be?