The Main Man

John Claudino is “Mr. Aztec.” He wears all the hats, from President to Janitor. John’s been a “train nut” his entire life and is dedicated to bringing train enthusiasts top quality model railroad products.

Aztec products, from an innovative line of track cleaners to limited edition micro brew cars, are unique. They are available exclusively through Aztec. In order to keep prices down Aztec does not sell through dealers / distributors or do any outside contract work.

Company History

John started up Aztec (which stands for A to Z technology) as a machine shop in 1976. Originally located in California’s Silicon Valley, Aztec’s clients included companies from the electronics, aerospace and medical fields.

Aztec produced its first train-related product, a transformer bracket, when John was unable to find what he wanted at hobby shops. In 1987 he bought a pad printer and began producing N scale freight cars in prototypical paint schemes not available from the major manufacturers at the time. The original Track Star track cleaning car was introduced in 1991. Since moving to Carson City, Nevada in 1996 Aztec has been producing only model train products.