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How to use prep books

When you study for any standardized test, the first item you probably use is a prep book. The market for various test prep books is vast, especially when it comes to widely-taken tests, such as the SATs. That’s why it can be difficult to choose the right one. A lot of people, me included, have purchased a prep book from the most well-known publisher only to find out that it isn’t as helpful as advertised.

Prep books aren’t the thing that will get you through your test safely and successfully – that’s what study sessions are for. They can, however, give you a good foundation and make the study process much more effective. Remember that even the best prep book won’t cause miracles if you don’t put in the time to learn what’s in it.

Here’s how to get the most out of your prep books:

Recognize the official ones from third-party publishers

Prep books for standardized tests can be divided into two general categories. The first one is official books released by the maker of the test. For ACTs, that would be books released by its namesake, the ACT organization. For SATs, it’s The College Board. For GRE – the Education Testing Service. You can almost always find these prep books for purchase on the test’s official website.

Official prep books are the only way to accurately assess your skills. By practicing with these books you will find out what your overall score is likely to be and what are your strengths and weaknesses. They often contain real questions that have appeared in the test in previous years. The material in official books contains only what is within the test’s requirements and is checked multiple times to assure the quality of the questions.

Third-party books aren’t that strict. They still can give you a very rough idea of what your score would be but I wouldn’t rely on them for accuracy. However, they are very good for practicing specific sections or question types. Once you know what to target by testing yourself with an official prep book, you can start practicing these parts with a third-party book. They are designed to contain as many practice questions as possible and even if their quality isn’t up to the official publisher’s level, they are still a great way to grind through your weaknesses.

Ask other people for advice

Ask other test-takers in your life what prep book they are using, or were using, and make them explain why. This is so that you can find out what makes this particular prep book so good. Keep in mind that everyone has different study styles so one person’s choice might not be the best for you.

If you don’t have people like that in your surroundings you can always turn to the Internet. For example, read this list of best LSAT prep books or these SAT prep books reviews. Any source of information is good.

A good prep book (or preferably prep books) is just the first step in the quest to get the best score possible.

How to minimize the appearance of your pores

Many women seek out a way of shrinking the pores on their faces but few are able to find a solution to that problem. The truth is that there is no way of physically shrinking pores because their size is dictated by our genetics. Closing pores all the way is also not possible and even if it were, your skin would definitely not benefit from it.

Pores are how oil and sweat reach the skin surface and they are essential to proper functioning of your skin. They let your skin breathe. That’s why everyone has pores, even if sometimes they aren’t really visible. People with oily skin, however, tend to have enlarged pores that release a lot of sebum. Dry-skin people usually have small pores that feel tight and uncomfortable.

No matter what skin type you have, you probably aren’t satisfied with the appearance of your pores. This is one of the most commonly reported skin problems. To improve the appearance of your pores you need to keep them clean and protected from damage. Without doing that, no pore ‘shrinking’ product will be able to make your pores look nice.

Here are some basic rules to adhere to if you want your pores looking their possible best:

Regular cleansing

There is no way you can keep your pores from getting clogged if you don’t cleanse them regularly. Clogged pores are more visible and they also ‘block’ your skin, causing further troubles, such as acne. You should clean your skin every day in the evening to clean out all the gunk out of your pores. Wearing other skincare products, make up or even simply being outside will make your face dirty even if you can’t see it with a naked eye. To improve your skin condition, you should never go to sleep without cleaning your face thoroughly.


Few things are as damaging to our skin as sunlight. For people who love basking in the warm rays of sun or those who live in warmer climates, this is quite unfortunate. However, while staying in the shade is the best way of protecting our skin from sun damage that results in, amongst many, pigmentation, sunscreen is a great way of minimizing that damage without sacrificing our sanity. Sun damage has detrimental effects to skin overall and this of course influences how our pores appear – they will seem enlarged. That’s why sunscreen is the most important step in your morning skincare routine that should never be skipped.

Pore-targeting products

While they are not the most crucial step in getting your skin to look pore-free, cosmetics that specifically target the pore appearance can aid you in your quest. Various pore minimizers come in many forms: serums, scrubs, cleansers and more. Here you can check out the best pore minimizer by Gorgeousville. For severely clogged pores that cannot be cleaned by regular cleansers, use pore strips. Most of them are shaped to fit the nose, where the pores tend to look the largest, but you can use them anywhere. Read this list of best pore strips here. Remember not to overuse them because they are harsh products that can potentially damage your skin.

How to Make Camping More Fun

How Camping Helps Us

No matter your pain or ailment, what doctors always recommend is spending more time outside, surrounded by nature. We live such extraordinarily busy lives, brimming with deadlines and responsibilities, it is only normal that we get lost or carried away. We seldom have time to stop what we’re doing and be in tune with our soul’s needs and wants. If you think about it, our way of life has evolved and changed massively just in the last couple of decades. Our ancestors lived and thrived surrounded by nature and all it has to offer. They depended on the land around them, so they took care of it and respected it. Their world was quiet, free from car engines revving up or police sirens blaring out on the streets. The air that filled their lungs was crisp and fresh. Everything was simpler. Unfortunately, not many of us get to experience that luxury. It’s a constant go-go-go from the moment we wake up in the morning to the instance we go back to bed. From rushing to work in the morning to cooking, cleaning, and every other frivolous task that burdens our mind, we can be forgiven for wanting to spend our days off recharging and bracing ourselves to do it all over again. And again. And again. However, being stuck on the couch is rarely the antidote for all of the stress and pressure we feel. I won’t make them disappear, it only presents us with a temporary distraction. The only way to disconnect from the outside world and replenish our mental resources is to be in nature. Camping is one of the best outdoor activities for those of us looking to do exactly that. When we ditch screens and electronics in favour of bonfires and sleeping under the starlit sky, we get the chance to press the reset button on our mind’s worry machine. So, why don’t people go camping more often?

Making Camping Easier

Camping, despite its many benefits outlined above, can be a huge hassle for some of us. Packing everything and loading it into our cars, then driving up to the campsite can take multiple hours of our precious free time. Once you get to the camp, you’re faced with the critically demanding task of figuring out how your tent is meant to stay up using only the pegs and poles provided. Setting up a tent is oftentimes a two-person job, and it eats away at the time you could be spending relaxing or exploring your surroundings. If you’re not overly excited about the prospect of spending your weekend fiddling with complicated assembly instructions, you can opt for a blow up tent instead. In contrast to old-school tents, inflatable ones essentially cut the set up time by more than half. All you have to do is press a button on the pump and the tent immediately gets filled with air. If you are someone who would like to go camping more often and take in all the wonders mother nature has to offer us, I highly recommend investing in an inflatable tent. Why make camping more difficult than it has to be?

4 Cycling Apparel Brands For Women

There’s no doubt that cycling benefits our minds and strengthens our bodies, however, settling a stable hobby foundation means investing in the equipment that ensures a comfortable and qualitative activity.

As an avid cyclist, I’ve meandered in recent years through a wide range of brands that qualified themselves in different areas, either accessory-wise or in regard to apparel. This article provides you with my most trusted brands that have remained constant on my list of best cycling apparel retailers. To sort through the different types of garments, I’ve also chosen a favorite product from each brand that stood the test of time and various weather conditions.

Where to find durable cycling apparel?

1. ASSOS (Best knickers and tights)

ASSOS is a widely accredited cycling apparel brand that innovates through material and design. Knickers and tights are purposeful in colder seasons and face well extreme weather conditions. Thus, the quality of the material plays a central role in sustainable protection while riding the bike. From my journey through brands, I’ve discovered a lot of versatility, but the pair of thighs from ASSOS stood aside me for a couple of years now.

2. MAAP (Best Accessories)

Finding the proper extended cycling equipment for scorching hot summer days can be a hassle. MAAP sells the most workable and dependable socks I have tried to date. This is due to the technology the brand developed, which proves to resist intense humidity and allow proper ventilation. Another accessory item I’ve tried and felt awarded was the Deep Winter Neo gloves. They exceeded my expectancies performance-wise while raining and freezing-cold weather.

3. Ornot (Best Women’s Jerseys)

Three-quarters of my jerseys are from Ornot, and that is due to the favorable delivery of ventilation performance I have seen in the years I’ve been cycling frequently. If you haven’t yet quite started cycling regularly, maybe the most important element to consider in your equipment is its ability to circulate the air. My experience with Ornot and their jerseys, thus, proved rewarding.

4. Pedla (Best Women’s Bike Shorts)

Shorts just as jerseys are central elements to a comfortable ride. Pedla sells one of my favorite pairs of bib shorts, which integrate a mix of temperature control, saddle stability, and smooth transition to the leg area. Of course, Pedla is one of the most renowned cycling apparel brands, so hardly can I argue the high-end manufacturing of all their products.

3 benefits of cycling

Whether you’re cycling just for fun or as a professional, cycling benefits you organically and cognitively. Here are the three factors that drive me to ride the bike every day:

  • reduce belly fat
    Both aesthetically and organically, a flat belly is highly commendable. Health-wise, abdominal strength reduces back pain and supports a straight posture.
  • increase stamina
    Physical strength not only has positive health implications but also contributes to your self-efficacy on daily runtime. Riding the bike every day keeps the therapist away!
  • boost cognitive activity
    It is not a secret that physical activity dispels tension and reduces stress, and cycling is no exception. Moreover, after a session of riding the bike and refreshing your organism, concentration boost and problem-solving mechanisms are easy to grasp.