4 Cycling Apparel Brands For Women

There’s no doubt that cycling benefits our minds and strengthens our bodies, however, settling a stable hobby foundation means investing in the equipment that ensures a comfortable and qualitative activity.

As an avid cyclist, I’ve meandered in recent years through a wide range of brands that qualified themselves in different areas, either accessory-wise or in regard to apparel. This article provides you with my most trusted brands that have remained constant on my list of best cycling apparel retailers. To sort through the different types of garments, I’ve also chosen a favorite product from each brand that stood the test of time and various weather conditions.

Where to find durable cycling apparel?

1. ASSOS (Best knickers and tights)

ASSOS is a widely accredited cycling apparel brand that innovates through material and design. Knickers and tights are purposeful in colder seasons and face well extreme weather conditions. Thus, the quality of the material plays a central role in sustainable protection while riding the bike. From my journey through brands, I’ve discovered a lot of versatility, but the pair of thighs from ASSOS stood aside me for a couple of years now.

2. MAAP (Best Accessories)

Finding the proper extended cycling equipment for scorching hot summer days can be a hassle. MAAP sells the most workable and dependable socks I have tried to date. This is due to the technology the brand developed, which proves to resist intense humidity and allow proper ventilation. Another accessory item I’ve tried and felt awarded was the Deep Winter Neo gloves. They exceeded my expectancies performance-wise while raining and freezing-cold weather.

3. Ornot (Best Women’s Jerseys)

Three-quarters of my jerseys are from Ornot, and that is due to the favorable delivery of ventilation performance I have seen in the years I’ve been cycling frequently. If you haven’t yet quite started cycling regularly, maybe the most important element to consider in your equipment is its ability to circulate the air. My experience with Ornot and their jerseys, thus, proved rewarding.

4. Pedla (Best Women’s Bike Shorts)

Shorts just as jerseys are central elements to a comfortable ride. Pedla sells one of my favorite pairs of bib shorts, which integrate a mix of temperature control, saddle stability, and smooth transition to the leg area. Of course, Pedla is one of the most renowned cycling apparel brands, so hardly can I argue the high-end manufacturing of all their products.

3 benefits of cycling

Whether you’re cycling just for fun or as a professional, cycling benefits you organically and cognitively. Here are the three factors that drive me to ride the bike every day:

  • reduce belly fat
    Both aesthetically and organically, a flat belly is highly commendable. Health-wise, abdominal strength reduces back pain and supports a straight posture.
  • increase stamina
    Physical strength not only has positive health implications but also contributes to your self-efficacy on daily runtime. Riding the bike every day keeps the therapist away!
  • boost cognitive activity
    It is not a secret that physical activity dispels tension and reduces stress, and cycling is no exception. Moreover, after a session of riding the bike and refreshing your organism, concentration boost and problem-solving mechanisms are easy to grasp.

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