Aztec Track Cleaning Cars

How the Track Star™ Works

A free rolling roller is set an angle to the track. The roller scrubs the rail heads clean when the train is moving. It’s like the tires on your automobile when the front end is out of alignment. As the car goes forward the wheels try to go to the side. That is how the Track Star works—simple but effective. They can be operated in either direction with the same results.

Advantages of Aztec Track Cleaning Cars

Track Star mechanisms are housed in actual train car bodies so they’re “stealth”. You can run them in your train at all times and they’re hardly noticeable on your layout.

Because they are in a car body there is no risk of hitting scenery adjacent to your track.

Track Stars can be run in either direction.

Different types and sizes of rollers are available. Depending on the roller you have, they can be run either “dry” or with the fluid of your choice.