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Reefer sound car when fully assembled




Aztec’s Reefer Sound Car Kit

Available in HO Scale Only

Assembled HO reefer sound car

Part Number RS1200-HO

$24.95 each


Bring your railroad to life with an Aztec reefer sound car. Park the car on a siding or run it in your train. Simulates the sound of a refrigeration compressor.

Battery powered so it can run on DCC tracks without interrupting the sound! Batteries (#AG10) are included.

Kit includes an Athern® 57 foot mechanical reefer (in assorted road names of our choice).

Some assembly required.

HO reefer sound interior view

The heart of Aztec’s reefer sound car

Easily Customize Your Sound Car

You can change your sound car to the road of your choice by replacing the shell with another Athern 57 foot mechanical reefer shell. No modification is necessary.

Replacement Batteries

Batteries are included, but when it comes time to replace them, use #AG10 calculator batteries available at your local RadioShack or other electronics store.