Model Railroad Accessories-Track cleaning cars in all scales including HO, N, O & On30, Z, S and G, plus N scale DCC frames

Which Roller Is Right for Me?

The Cratex roller is our general purpose track cleaning roller. It works like a Bright Boy® (but without all the work and time involved) to burnish your track, providing you with better electrical conductivity—important for smooth operations and absolutely critical when using DCC. Cratex is used for industrial purposes such as polishing scratches out of products including scalpels, hypodermic needles, jet engine turbine blades and other critical parts. If used properly (and not exposed to chemicals) this roller should last forever.

If you live in an area with high temperatures, high humidity or salty air, the Cratex roller will help keep your trains running smooth by removing the corrosion from your rails.

If you prefer to use a track cleaning fluid with your track cleaner the Cobra (Handi Wipes covered) roller is perfect for you. Use it with the cleaning fluid of your choice.

The Sidewinder (canvas covered) roller is great at mopping up excess fluid and debris left on your tracks by other cleaning methods. It can be run either with or without a cleaning fluid.

One of our N scale customers reported running a track cleaning train made up of The Eliminator with a Cratex roller at the front of his train. Next he used an original Track Star outfitted with a canvas roller with fluid on it. This was followed by another Track Star with a canvas roller running dry. He said his track had never been cleaner!

Let us know what works best for you.

Aztec Track Cleaner Rollers

Cratex rollers are available for all scales of Aztec track cleaners

Cratex® Rollers

Available to fit all Aztec track cleaning cars

Must be run “dry” (without any fluid).

Sidewinder rollers to fit most Aztec track cleaners

Sidewinder™ Rollers

Available to fit most Aztec track cleaning cars

The Sidewinder is a canvas covered roller which can be run either “wet” (using whatever type of liquid cleaner you prefer) or dry (without any fluid).

Cobra Handi Wipes track cleaning rollers in N scale, HO scale and On30 scale

Cobra™ Rollers

Available for most Aztec N, HO and On30 scale track cleaning cars

The Cobra is a roller covered with Handi Wipes®. It is designed to use fluid but can also be run “dry”.

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