Model Railroad Accessories-Track cleaning cars in all scales including HO, N, O & On30, Z, S and G, plus N scale DCC frames

Operating the Devastator

For best results we recommend you run the cleaning car directly behind your locomotive(s). The Devastator will clean in either direction but works best with the magnet to the rear.

To operate:

Place the Devastator on the track. Use an eye dropper to fill the reservoir with the fluid of your choice.

• Turn valve one quarter turn for about ten seconds to moisten roller.

* Turn valve off. Then run the car for 10 to 15 minutes (or change times to suit).

NOTE! Empty fluid from car after each operating session. Do not store or transport car with fluid in it.

On30 scale Handi Wipes rollers also available separately

Devastator On30 Scale Track Cleaning Car

On30 scale Devastator track cleaner

Part Number TS1178

$189.95 each


A hard black anodized aluminum chassis holds two free rolling Handi WipesŪ covered rollers, a magnet and a fluid reservoir (1/2 oz. capacity). There is a valve to regulate the amount of cleaning liquid dispensed to the front roller. The rear roller is run “dry” (without any liquid) and mops up loosened grime. A clear plastic lid covers the reservoir allowing you to see when it is running low on fluid.

To finish off this car the hobbyist might want to cover the mechanism with a piece of cloth (not supplied) to simulate a tarp.

This stealthy lightweight tips the scales at a mere 12-1/2 ounces soaking wet. It can be run in a train and go unnoticed without hitting scenery or derailing.

Cleaning mechanism is housed in a Bachmann 30 foot high side gondola.

NOTE: Road names may vary depending on availability.