Model Railroad Accessories-Track cleaning cars in all scales including HO, N, O & On30, Z, S and G, plus N scale DCC frames

Marauder O Scale 2-Rail Track Cleaning Car

Part Number TS1182

$199.95 each


A hard black anodized aluminum chassis holds two rollers. One is a Cratex® roller for scrubbing corrosion loose from the rails. The second is a canvas covered roller to mop up debris.

There is a bar magnet behind each of the rollers to remove metal objects from the track.

For those who would like to disguise the roller assembly, a template to build side plates is included. The plates can be made from .050" thick styrene (not included). The side plates can be painted to simulate side-dump hopper doors.

The Marauder comes in a Weaver® PS2 covered hopper with a Maintenance of the Way paint scheme. Equipped with scale wheels and Kadee® couplers.

NOTE: Road names may vary depending on availability.

Also available in a 3-rail configuration.

O scale Marauder track cleaner



Operating the Marauder

These cars are designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance. For best results we recommend you run the cleaning car directly behind your locomotive(s), with the Cratex roller toward the front and the magnets to the rear.

O scale rollers also available separately


Replacement canvas for Sidewinder track cleaning rollers

10-packs of replacement canvas roller covers also available