Model Railroad Accessories-Track cleaning cars in all scales including HO, N, O & On30, Z, S and G, plus N scale DCC frames

Operating the Predator

This car is designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance. For best results we recommend you run the cleaning car directly behind your locomotive(s) with the roller toward the front and the magnet and brushes in the rear.

Wet or Dry – You Decide

The Cratex roller is made of a rubberized abrasive, the same material as a Bright Boy®. It is designed to be used “dry” (without any fluid).

The Handi Wipes (Cobra™) roller should be run “wet” using the cleaning fluid of your choice.

The canvas covered roller can be run either “wet” or “dry”.

N scale rollers also available separately

Predator N Scale Track Cleaning Car

Part Number TS1116

$109.95 each


You can “have it all” with this complete track cleaning system: rollers to run either with or without fluid, a magnet to pick up ferrous objects, and brushes that dust off the rails.

The heart of The Predator is its two piece hard anodized aluminum chassis. It houses one of three rollers, a magnet and three brushes.

All three rollers are included with the Predator. They include one each of the original Cratex® rubberized abrasive roller which is to be run dry (without fluid), a Handi Wipes® roller to run with the liquid cleaner of your choice, and a canvas covered roller which can be used either with or without fluid. The rollers are easily interchangeable without disassembling the car.

Comes in an Atlas® 42 foot gondola (in assorted road names) with Micro-Trains® trucks and body mounted Magne-Matic® couplers.

NOTE: Road names may vary depending on availability.

The Predator track cleaning system


The N scale Predator track cleaner comes in assorted road names